tackles the Plymouth-Banjul Rally in a piece of crap

Crazy people are always fun to watch, and you can get your fill of web-based rubber-necking by following the trials and misadventures of Aric Austin, the VP of Media for, and his cousin Trevor Covell as they attempt to complete the 4,000-mile Plymouth-Banjul Rally in a 1993 Fiat Panda purchased for less than $200 and modified for the rally with a budget of only $80. Those are the rules of the rally folks, we’re not making it up.
The duo is chronicling its participation in the poor-man's rally via a Rally Journal Log that is currently on Day 5. Things are just getting interesting as Team Sand Flea, which is what the two entrants call themselves and their little 40-hp Panda, have just entered Africa and are preparing to leave the more civilized part of society.

At the end of the rally all of the participating vehicles will be auctioned for charity.

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