Ford's inflatable seat belt

We reported on Ford’s inflatable seat belt concept a few days ago and the Blue Oval finally released a pic of the belt. The concept is designed specifically for second row passengers to further disperse the force of an impact over a wider contact area. Ford also has a version for the lap belt, although we think the shoulder belt bag would look great with a Pistons logo across it.
Exactly how far can airbag technology go and where can we expect the inflatables to show up next? I remember an urban legend from back in the day about an early experiment with airbags. According to legend a car was fitted with a dozen airbags in various places throughout a vehicles interior. A test was conducted in which all the airbags were triggered at once and the resulting sudden increase in interior pressure caused all the windows to blow out and the vehicle to virtually explode from within. We'll let the MythBusters tackle the validity of that one, although we can't be far off from having airbags in our trunks to protect tomotoes from bruising on the way home from the grocery.

[Source: Ford]

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