Mr. McGuire's famous one word of advice in The Graduate was "Plastics", but I bet he didn't see this one coming. Amerityre, the manufacturer of off-road closed-cell polyurethane tires (for products such as bicycles, garden equipment, and wheelchairs), is working on perfecting a process to bond polyurethane treads to conventional rubber tire carcasses. Such a process, if applied to heavy-duty over-the-road retreaded tires, could potentially reduce tread separation while increasing mileage and improving recyclability. The company has recently demonstrated the ability to adhere polyurethane to rubber without pressure or vulcanization, and is conducting trials of its tires in a mining application.

As mentioned previously on Autoblog, the company is also attempting to bring its urethane technology to the passenger-car market.

Source: Amerityre

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