Since we showed you Hamann’s Ferrari F430 package a few days ago we felt it only fair to show you Hamann’s treatment for that other hooved Italian automaker, Lamborghini. The GermanCarBlog tracked down the Hamann Lamborghini Gallardo package over at the German edition of, where we learn that Hamann offers an aero package that includes a modified front spoiler, screens for lateral air intakes and a three-part rear wing. The entire package is tasteful and devoid and excess, which makes the Gallardo look even more scathing than normal.

The package also ekes out some more power from the Gallardo through a new cat and exhaust system that liberates 28 extra hp from the 5.2L V10. Wheels can be ordered in 19- and 20-inch sizes, with a special set of lighter dubs available specifically for a Race Edition that measure 8.5 inches across up front and 11.25 inches in the rear

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