West Coast Customs will no longer pimp yo ride

On MTV, anyway. West Coast Customs and MTV have decided to file for divorce, amicably ending a relationship that debuted as “Pimp My Ride” with host Xzibit in 2004.

WCC boss Ryan Friedlinghause cites his company’s image as the reason behind the decision, and announced that he will be moving his operations to Corona, Calif., to new digs that will become the set of a new show WCC will do with the Discovery Channel and the producers of “American Chopper” and "American Hot Rod."

The reason WCC is bailing on MTV was no secret, particularly after the shop’s Sean Mahaney (or a very convincing impersonator) dropped in on a thread on the Beyond car forums to say, “Most of the MTV people are not real car guys... They pay us to build the cars, so we do what they want even if it sucks.”

WCC’s show on the Discovery Channel is as-of-yet unnamed, but it will likely extend outside merely the high-end automotive world to profile WCC’s work on private jets, helicopters and tour buses.

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