Volvo C30 experiences premature release

We brought you the first official image of Volvo’s C30 concept a couple of days ago, and now our brothers in arms over at Autoblog Spanish have found a couple of additional images at a Swedish online news magazine called Dagens Nyheter. The C30 was supposed to be officially unveiled January 4th right before both the L.A. and Detroit auto shows, but an internal error dispersed some images onto the net where no secret is safe.

Seeing the C30 from a few more angles makes us even more certain the Volvo will have a hot hatch on its hands when the car goes on sale sometime in 2007. Ford’s C1 platform that’s also used in the Mazda3 and Volvo’s own S40 and V50 wagon will underpin the car and Autoblog Spanish reports that the C30 was conceived for unmarried couples without children, i.e. small and utilitarian. Screw utility, we’re thinking that rear hatch is going to make for a decent distribution of weight and turn the C30 into the best handling C1-derived vehicle from Ford yet.

More pics including a shot of the interior after the jump...

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