Edmunds takes FJ Cruiser off-roading

Autoblog's own Stuart Waterman hipped you to a cornucopia of info about Toyota's 2007 FJ Cruiser yesterday, and the quick-on-the-ball folks over at Edmund's Inside Line are the first on the ball with a road tes...errr, off-road test.

The basic gist of the piece is that the FJ isn't just a pretty retro face, it's a serious boulder-hopping piece of kit with an impressive driveline package. The off-road prowess and throwback design cues come with a price, however: day-to-day practicality. Of course, one might reasonably expect lousy rearward visibility from a vehicle sporting a c-pillar that looks as wide as the hood.  But the cramped rear quarters and limited access (despite the rear-hinged demi doors) will make life difficult for soccer mommies looking to brandish their Extreme Sports personality credentials at the supermarket.

(Video and more after the jump. Thanks to Edsel for the tip)

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