In other news we can't believe we missed, Anheuser-Busch celebrated its self-proclaimed National Designated Driver Week December 11-17 with its annual Designated Driver Survey.

The poll found that a plurality of the respondents would most prefer George Clooney and Katie Couric to drive their drunk asses home, with the pair garnering 41 percent of the vote. Coming in second was Mariah Carey, with Tom Cruise and Orlando Bloom following close behind. The HUMMER topped out the list as the vehicle respondents would most like to be driven home in, with Mustang, MINI Cooper and Corvette behind it. Good luck getting George Clooney in a HUMMER, by the way.

On a more serious and encouraging note, a whopping 97 percent of respondents were familiar with the concept of a designated driver, with 21-24 year-olds leading the pack in using them with 86 percent of respondents having been a DD or having been the lucky recipient of a ride home by a DD.

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