Hoopty Rides: and you thought YOU were an automotive enthusiast

You know how some people are animal lovers, and they have dogs and cats and they take them everywhere and donate to the Humane Society? That describes how many automotive enthusiasts feel about cars. Autos are our life, we love them and express ourselves through them.

Then there are the people who LOVE animals. Like have a house full of fifty rescued cats and stop traffic on the interstate to shoo a stray dog into their car lest it be injured. These are the people who make it their life's work to troll animal shelters and rescue animals about to be euthanized. They risk their lives and limbs and put animals above their own flesh and blood. It takes a special person to be like that. To find out exactly where I'm going with this, check out Hoopty Rides. This guy feels about cars the same way those very passionate animal enthusiasts love animals. Here's a quote to illustrate my point:

I say I will never buy a car that has been dormant for over twenty years as it is just too god damn much work and money, but I doubt I could say no to this little charmer. I was so happy trying to keep the Mercedes in its lane that I was smiling and waving out the Webasto sunroof at people I don't even like. If it wasn't still so damn terrifying to drive, I would sit on a stack of phone books and poke my head out the roof. With googles. Like Mr. Toad.

The Mercedes in question is a 1961 Mercedes 190b saved from the crusher. This man saves dilapidated old cars from the jaws of death.

And when he's not rescuing cars, he's talking about cars of all types on the block, whether it be the auction block or the chopping block. Click the link to be transported to his very funny and heartfelt musings.

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