Gumpert Apollo update

We reported last month that the Gumpert Apollo had gone into production and now we have some pics of the ultra-exotic sports car via GermanCarBlog being hand assembled at the company’s plant in east Thuringia, Germany. This sports car that owes its existence to Ingolstadt is being aimed directly at other exotics like the Porsche GT3, which it happens to outrun on an onramp to 62 by .9 seconds (3.9 seconds vs 3.0 seconds) with its Audi-sourced, 650-hp bi-turbo V8 mounted midship. With a price tag of $240,000 and a claimed top speed of 232 mph, we’re sure that Gumprt Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH will have no trouble selling the 50 or so Apollos it plans to build each year.

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