Kia Rio, Chrysler Sebring are depreciation leaders

A USA Today article looks at the winners and losers in resale value, and finds the Kia Rio and Chrysler Sebring on the bottom of the list.
Comparing Kelley Blue Book and Automotive Lease Guide figures, the Rio and Sebring are vying for the title of fastest depreciating car, with Kelley giving the nod to the Sebring, worth only 19 percent of its new-car price after five years, and ALG championing the Kia Rio, said to retain only 15 percent of its value after five years. The industry average is 35 percent.

Other rapid losers: any Big 3 minivan, most older Kia models, the Jaguar X-Type, Ford Taurus and Chevy Aveo.

The cars that depreciate slowly and hold their value include the MINI Cooper, Toyota Prius, Honda Accord hybrid, BMW 5-Series, Chevrolet Corvette, Toyota Avalon and Acura TL.

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