Pending rubber-stamp approval by the FIA, Super Aguri F1 will race in 2006. After failing to meet the FIA's deadline for submitting its application paperwork and the mandatory $48 million performance bond, the team was forced to take the alternate route of petitioning the other teams for their unanimous approval of a late application.

There was some doubt that this would happen, as the current rules distribute TV revenues only among the top 10 teams, and likely backmarkers Midland F1 could end up battling Super Aguri F1 for the last piece of the pie. We must assume that some behind the scenes negotiations - and after all, what would F1 be without behind the scene negotiations? - assured Midland F1 of some sort of compensation in return for a vote in favor of Super Aguri F1.

At the beginning of the season, Super Aguri will probably run four year-old Arrows chassis acquired in its acquisition of the Arrows/TWR factory and assets, with its own chassis design debuting later in the year. The team will run Honda V8s, with Honda's favorite son, Takuma Sato, as the team's lead driver. There are rumors that an all-Japanese race and test driver team is in the works.

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