Certainly, there’s someone out there who finds Chuck Mallett’s Solstice V8 conversion to be a bit too, shall we say, inadequate. Mallett would expect no less of his customers. That’s why an option for supercharging is now being offered for those who think that 400 HP is merely an adequate starting point. The hairdryer more than doubles the cost of the $18,000 base conversion package, requiring the customer to provide a Solstice and about $39K. The suicidal nutcase lucky owner gets the V8 conversion, A/C, dual-adjustable Penske shocks, a LuK clutch, and a Vortech supercharger. Power output is not specified, but a modest 6 PSI or so should result in something north of 550 HP. An upgrade to a Tremec T56 is not yet offered, but one would assume that the stock Aisan 5-speed transmission will last until someone figures out how to hook up all that power.

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