Who is the manufacturer of the Ascender? Axiom? VehiCROSS? If Isuzu doesn’t come to mind, don’t be surprised. GM’s Japanese affiliate has been steadily withdrawing from the U.S. market for some time. Under a six-year plan that started in 2002, the company looks to fully concentrate on its major products—commercial trucks and diesel engines—in the world-wide market.
No official announcements have been made. But this article from the Washington Post points out that General Motors, who once held a forty-three percent interest in Isuzu, has reduced it to twelve. And the world’s number one automaker has already rid itself of Subaru when it held over twenty percent controlling interest. Speculation is that Isuzu may be next.

What’s the difference between the Chevrolet Colorado and Isuzu I-350? If you’re answer is none, then why are the two companies still sitting at the same table?

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