Hyundai has handed over the keys of two experimental fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) based on the company’s Tucson SUV to the Alameda-Contra Costs Transit District (AC Transit) in California. The two are just the beginning, as Hyundai will eventually pass out two more FCEV Tucsons and six FCEV Kia Sportages by early 2007 to various companies. These organizations will help Hyundai not only test the vehicles themselves in real world conditions, but also develop hydrogen infrastructure technology to make sure these experimental vehicles will have some place to fill up in the future.
The FCEV Tucson is Hyundai’s second-generation fuel-cell vehicle, the first being based on the Santa Fe SUV. GreenCarCongress reports that the new version has an increased range of 186 miles, nearly double that of the old first gen FCEV Santa Fe, and an engine that produces 80kW (107 hp) of power, or five more kW than before.

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