This summer’s big screen redux of the Dukes of Hazzard brought with it at least one memorable scene featuring a backwoods starlet and an automobile, but an enterprising eBayer has created a General Lee Starlet of an entirely different sort— the 1983 Toyota variety.

There’s not too much information offered, but with a starting bid of just $700, he/she probably couldn’t be bothered. Assuming it is in decent shape, this Toy could make for an interesting autocrosser, with its light weight, rear-wheel-drive configuration and just 90,000 miles [claimed] worth of dry creek bed jumping.

Somehow, having Jessica Simpson waxing this bulbous little import doesn’t bring the same shine to our eyes as a certain Dodge Charger, but we can only imagine what sort of narration guit-steel wizard Junior Brown might cook up for this banzai surprise.

[A free draft at the Boar’s Nest awaits for tipster, Nick. Not Lachey, we think.]

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