2007 <a class=Tahoe 400 pr photo" src="http://www.weblogsinc.com/common/images/3060000000058633.JPG?0.4332375935424776" align="middle" border="1" height="308" hspace="4" vspace="4" width="400" />

GM may be in trouble, but they sure know how to throw a launch party. In the picture above, a 2007 Chevy Tahoe is in New York delivering the number "6" for the 2006 lighted ball that will drop in Times Square New Year's eve. Chevy will use the annual Times Square party to launch its new SUV, raising a pair of Tahoes above the crowd on scissor lifts as Mary J. Blige sings on a Chevy stage in the heart of Times Square.

Watch it live on "NBC's New Year's Eve with Carson Daly, Presented by Chevrolet." I wonder if they drop the Tahoes when the ball drops?

[Source: GM]

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