Perhaps only someone the likes of Lara Croft could appreciate the combination of pants-peeing intimidation and black-tie affair elegance offered by the Brabus Unimog U 500 Black Edition. Based on the Unimog U 500, the Brabus Black Edition receives a completely redesigned exterior with a new front bumper, integrated side panels and polished stainless steel roll bar. The interior is swathed in Alcantar leather and features such niceties as the COMAND system from the MB S-Class, a 6.5-inch screen, DVD nav system and CD changer. The press release on ClassicDriver claims the Black Edition is suitable for a wide range of applications, including day-to-day use in the city (perhaps if one's goal were to demolish the city) and excursions to rough mountain areas (perhaps if one's goal were to demolish the mountain). Indeed, the Brabus Black Edition gives new meaning to the phrase, "Climb into an SUV".

The Brabus Unimog U 500 Black Edition tops out at above $275,000US.

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