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Lotus joined the growing ranks of manufacturers commited to the new FIA GT3 series for 2006, with the first official FIA test of the new Lotus Sport Exige GT3 this month at the Paul Ricard circuit in France. (The Exige is on the right, above.)

The FIA plans a five-race European GT3 championship for 2006, and the new class is expected to be adopted by several national championships as well. The series is aimed at lightly modified production GT cars, featuring six cars from each marque piloted by non-professional drivers in one-hour races. Cars are intended to have roughly equal power-to-weight ratios, for balanced competition between makes.

Pics and specs for the Exige GT3 after the jump.
[Source: Lotus Sport]

Lotus Exige GT3 450 pr photo
Lotus Press Release (excerpt)

Basic prototype specification

Like the standard Exige, the Lotus Sport Exige GT3 comes complete with the
award-winning light weight bonded aluminium chassis. This is complemented by
low weight 5-spoke forged alloy wheels, carbon body panels, and a revised
high downforce aerodynamic package incorporating a race front splitter and
adjustable carbon fibre rear wing.

An FIA 6-point roll cage, ignition kill switches, and uprated braking and
suspension systems including ?hlins 3-way adjustable dampers also feature on
the new race car. A 6-speed sequential transmission system, and full data
logging system have been fitted to the single-seater prototype vehicle.  

Availability, full specification, and price of the Lotus Sport Exige GT3
will be announced in early 2006.
Lotus Exige GT3 450 pr photo
Lotus Exige GT3 450 pr photo

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