It seemed a whole PR storm blew around the Ford/AFA/gay groups fiasco, inundating the media and Autoblog with related topics. Case in point: Subaru.

The automaker is creating a series of commercials for the gay channel, LOGO. (A gay channel?) And, unlike other companies who advertise with the gay submarket (e.g., GM), these are not mainstream commercials, either: one shows two men getting out of the vehicle to share a vista together. Apparently that's risqué. Excuse me while I watch some commercials from Europe.

So far the company plans three commercials for the channel this year.

In some circles Subaru is known for being the unofficial vehicle of upwardly mobile lesbians, especially after the brand's appearance last year as a sponsor of a character who is a gay professional women's tennis player in the Showtime drama The L Word.

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