And the hype goes on… Y'know, I really like the MINI, probably because I'm a fan of the first-gen Mini (back when they were actually small). And I admire BMW's clever approach to marketing the car. But at the end of the day, it's just a car, people, it's not some sort of cult-like, all-encompassing belief system.
Well, apparently the folks at MINI USA want MINI to be a part of your life, even when you're nowhere near a road. They've unveiled the 2006 MINI_motion line of MINI-wearables and lifestyle accessories, "designed to create a seamless connection to life in constant motion."

The 2006 edition of the MINI_motion collection, originally launched in 2003, includes "urban adventurer" clothing, MINI luggage, and a new version MINI_motion watch.

It's all available through

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