It seems as though GM is the go-between in the negotiations between bankrupt auto parts supplier Delphi and the United Auto Workers union.
According to a Reuters report filed late Tuesday, Delphi is talking with GM about its restructuring efforts, while in an Associated Press  interview a UAW official said that the union has had preliminary talks with GM in the past two weeks. But Delphi and the UAW have had no formal negotiations since mid-November.

So, it seems like Steve Miller's encouraging words about a deal with the UAW in Q1 2006 were at best optimistic, and at worst a smokescreen to relieve the concerns of Delphi's key Asia-Pacific customers. Certainly the UAW isn't optimistic - Richard Shoemaker told Reuters he still feels a strike "is more likely than not."

Lots of posturing on both sides, but no action. It's hard to see significant progress being made if the two sides don't start seriously negotiating, and soon.

GM bought some time by giving Delphi a break on parts prices, persuading Miller to put off his plan to file motions in bankruptcy court to terminate Delphi's labor contracts until late January. You have to wonder if Miller has decided GM has the most to lose in this 3-way game, and is waiting for the General to solve his problems.

[Thanks for the tip, Glenn]

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