Despite an acute lack of sunshine in England, Aston-Martin seems utterly incapable of letting a perfectly good coupe go to waste these days.  Without fail, its stylists barely let the Dynoc settle on their hardtop bucks before they indulge a hankerin' to peel back the tin.

So consider it predictable that rumors of an Aston V8 Vantage convertible have come true. According to Dutch car rag Auto Telegraff, their (assuredly gorgeous) creation is set to go on sale as early as late 2007, and will be called the Aston Martin V8 Roadster. And while that might not strike as the snappiest of names, those of us from sun-starved climes can at least appreciate a company that takes any excuse to go topless each time a stray ray perforates a cumulonimbus.

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