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Yesterday Ford announced that production of the first F-150 flexible fuel vehicles has begun at its Kansas City Assembly Plant and will arrive in showrooms after the first of the year. The FFV technology has been built into the truck's 5.4L V8 engine at no extra cost to the buyer. Consumers can choose to run regular gasoline or E85, a mixture of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline, with no difference in power.

Ford's release of the F-150 as a FFV fits right in line with the company's target of selling 250,000 FFVs next year. The FFV F-150 joins flexible-fuel versions of the Crown Vic, Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car.

Ford has also partnered with VeraSun Energy Corporation, the second largest producer of ethanol in the country, to help bolster the nation's ethanol distribution network, as currently only 500 out of the 180,000 fueling stations in the U.S. offer the blend.

[Source: Ford]

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