The first Connaughts to be produced, the "Syracuse" Type-D GT (shown) and Type-D h coupe, haven't even gone on sale yet and the company is already announcing what it's next model will be – a V12-powered four-door luxury saloon (a.k.a. "sedan"). The 2.4L V12 will be a larger version of the company's 2.0L V10 and is expected to produce around 360 hp thanks to a supercharger under the bonnet. According to AutoCar development of the sedan will begin in 2007 with an expected on sale date sometime in 2010.

The British company that hasn't built a car yet is getting a lot of buzz over the Type-D h, one variation of its first model that will feature a V10 hybrid drivetrain. These first three models are part of a larger nine-model plan the company has in place for completion by 2010 when it hopes to be producing 2000 cars annually.

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