The 2006 Dodge Charger launched in May while the Ford Fusion is only a couple months old. Autoweek had an article on each vehicle yesterday that revealed how both were faring in the marketplace so far.
The Charger is doing all right, so long as it's not compared to its platform mate, the Chrysler 300C. In its first seven months of sales Dodge has sold 37,667 Chargers, 6,827 of which came in the month of November. The 300C sold 82,721 units in its first seven months, although a few of those were of the old 300M. While more Chargers are sold with rebates than the segment's average, the good news is that the rebates average less than the segment average. The Charger is also selling for an average price of $29,366, well above the segment average of $23,550.

The Fusion, meanwhile, is in short supply due to high demand coupled with supplier disruptions at the Hermosillo, Mexico at which it's built. It looks as if Ford has ironed out the wrinkles and the plant has been ramped up to produce 900 vehicles a day now. It's currently working overtime to supply additional units to dealers who have no Fusions on the show floor. Ford's new family sedan has made quite a splash, selling 15,481 units in November, more than double the number of Chargers sold in the same month. The Fusion, however, may just be riding high on the buzz of its recent introduction, so we'll have to check back in a few months to see how sales of these two family sedans have settled down.

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