Sure, we were originally planning on ending the Autoblog 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide on, you know, the 12th, but we keep getting so many good ideas for auto-related holiday gifts that we had to keep going with it for your sake.
Today we offer you the Remote-Controlled HUMVEE Zero Gravity Wall Climber from the Sharper Image. We always knew abandoned military technology finds a place in the private sector somewhere and this wall climber is nothing if not proof of that.

The little Hummer uses a combination of conveyor belt, tank-like wheels with a powerful fan that pulls air through front and rear vents to create enough wall-sucking suction to keep the armored transport from falling back to down to terra firma on its roof. It can go forward, back, left and right and requires only a smooth vertical wall on which to perform its voodoo. Sounds like fun, although we bet it's pretty loud so make sure you bundle it with an iPod for the kid's parents or something.

[Via Transport Trends]

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