The Porsche design language is one with a small vocabulary, as every model designed by the company, save for but a few exceptions, looks about the same. It's a familiar and well-liked form, although I have to say that the company's newest car, the Cayman, is as unforgettable to look at as the last three decades of 911s. To me it looks like a guppy, complete with gills on either side just aft of the doors. One is inclined to forgive the lack of originality in design since the Cayman is such a sweet drive, but TechArt has gone ahead and addressed the issue anyway with a new body kit that at least makes the Cayman look a little more like a 911 Turbo.

The new kit includes a front spoiler, side sills and rear spoiler, all designed to enhance and/or control airflow in their various locations. The lightweight, one-piece TechArt Formula wheels go all the way up to 20-inches and the suspension has also been modified with sport springs that work with Porsche's active PASM suspension. TechArt will also fully wrap the interior of your Cayman in the colored leather of your choice.

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