Well, it's the off-season for most forms of auto racing. This weekend's action was in Dubai, for the midseason round of the A1GP series.
France again saw Nicolas Lapierre mount the top step of the podium after the feature race, but not without a struggle. Switzerland's Neel Jani won the sprint race (only to suffer a drive-through penalty during the feature), and the start of Sunday's race saw Lapierre lined up in the 7th starting spot, with Switzerland and Italy on the front row. Good race strategy by Team France, and spirited driving by Lapierre saw him advance to the front of the field. Another great drive propelled Great Britain's Robbie Kerr from 9th on the grid to a second-place finish, while South Africa's Stephen Simpson (at right) finished a surprising third, putting the team on the podium for the first time. Full race results here.

The World Cup of Motorsport resumes in Indonesia in January.

(Other "non-televised" motorsports news will be posted separately.)

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