Dodge has updated its website to reflect the coming availability of the 2007 Dodge Caliber, complete with estimated MSRPs and a 'configurator.' The base front-wheel-drive SE specification rings up at a reasonable-sounding $13,285, the mid-level SXT at $15,185 and the R/T should trade for around $17,085. All-wheel-drive security comes with a surprisingly hefty surcharge, around $3,000.

What's most interesting is that Dodge is already listing both the hybrid and 2.0L turbodiesel options ($2,880 and a frightening $4,420, respectively), though those who sift through the fine print will learn that no whirling derv is slated for Stateside consumption, despite the fact that all prices appear to be listed in U.S. dollars. Interestingly, the configurator allows for both oil-burning and 'juice-box' models throughout the range, with a full-boat AWD diesel R/T topping out at almost $29k.

More details about configuring the Caliber after the jump…

Caliber will offer CVT transmissions in two flavors? one with the AutoStick manual-override feature and another without? but again, no official word yet on which transmissions will grace U.S. options lists. As expected, a conventional four-speed slushbox and five-speed manual will also be available in certain trims. What can buyers take away from all this?  Clearly, Dodge doesn?t expect the Caliber to always play in the Neon?s sandbox when it comes to features or pricepoints. 

Options of note include a premium sound package with available ?removable? speakers, hands-free UConnect (read: Bluetooth) phone, heated/cooled driver?s cupholder, and a refrigerated cooler bin. Again, it remains to be seen if all of these options become available for North American consumption, as it?s far more common for C-segment vehicles like the Caliber to incorporate luxury features (and command commensurately higher prices) abroad. Of course, premium small offerings like the Audi A3 and MINI Cooper are challenging such conventions among imports (and appear to be gaining converts), so perhaps Dodge will be the first to attempt to do so in the North American market.

[Thanks for the tip, Adam.]

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