The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has broken out their dreaded spectacles again, this time leveling its gaze at Ford's evergreen Ranger and Mazda B-Series twin.  The gist of their preliminary investigation, a wiring issue that reportedly conspires to disable the compact pickup's taillights on the sly, moonshine-runner style.  Some 510,000 2003-2005 models are reportedly affected. 

The crux of the problem is a short circuit in a wiring harness that can blow the fuse governing said taillamps.  Both Ford and Mazda have issued TSBs (Technical Service Bullitins) to their dealership body, alerting them of the concern. 

In other recall news, Daimler-Chrysler is set to recall some 19,000 2006 Dodge Durangos, most of which probably have yet to find their way into customer's hands.  A kink in the software has reportedly been found in the anti-lock braking system, causing rear brake lockup.

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