"The guys dig it, and the girls are afraid I'm going to burn myself up."
So says 41-year-old Jimmy Farrell of Middletown, N.J.

According to USA Today, flamethrowers are coming back in a big way. From Farrell's El Camino to the vehicles unveiled at SEMA by aftermarket manufacturers like Rasckl Enterprises and race car driver Christian Rado, the trend is, er, hot.

So what is it with guys and cars that spit fire, anyways? To those folks like me who still haven't been converted into believers, flamethrowers are in the same league as monster truck rallies and Milwaukee's Best. Both are great things in their own right, but really, aren't there better things to do (or in the case of MB, to drink)?

Now we get to the TGIF part. If you could outfit any vehicle with flamethrowers, what would it be? The more ludicrous the better. A flamethrowing MINI with Mickey Mouse graphics? Or maybe an Aveo with a big ol' wing on the back?

Oh, and if you can properly explain to me the appeal of flamethrowers, I'd appreciate it.

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