Not that we all couldn't have guessed what an Audi RS4 Avant would like, yet these pics of the uber-wagon caught driving around the German town of Chemnitz still make us blush. The RS4 Avant won't differ much from the sedan version according to Fourtitude, although why would you want it to? Like the sedan it will have a 4.2L V8 pushing out 420 horsepower without the use of forced induction. For all you mathletes out there, that means this wagon's producing the magic 100 hp/liter. We're surprised Audi didn't just drop the Gallardo's V10 under the bonnet like it has with so many other models lately.

Fourtitude points out quite rightly that we'll likely never see the RS4 Avant in North America, as certain engineering changes like relocating the battery to the rear where it's technically open to the cabin violate both U.S. and Canadian regulations. It wouldn't make a good business case either, as Audi sells ten times more sedans than it does wagons in North America. Oh well…

[Photo by Frank Guenzel]

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