A few posts back, we mentioned how automakers are purchasing less ads in printed media and moving to other, less expensive venues such as the digital domain. Well, if you are in Europe, get ready for the sound bite "Zoom-Zoom-Zoom" to be as regular (and annoying) as Big Ben's ring. Mazda Motors is embarking on an ambitious marketing blitz centering around the Internet and spiraling to all things electronic.

A new website will be the hub of this marketing approach. Developed by digital agency Syzygy, it will show an on-line magazine, broadcast-quality video of test drives, report car launches, travel features, plus music and entertainment (games). Besides regular avenues as festivals, the site will also be promoted through mobile messages, e-mails, and mailings. The company will have crossed the line, though, if we hear that song from the microwave oven. Blimey!

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