It's official: crossovers are the new black. USA Today reports Ford Motor Company as saying that crossovers outsold truck-based SUVs for the past three months, and that the company expects that this will mark a permanent shift in buyer preferences going forward.
With SUV sales down 13.5 percent through November, and corresponding sales of car- or minivan-based CUVs up 14.4 percent, it's hard to argue with Ford's projections. Automakers are sprinting to catch up with the bandwagon - Ford is launching its Edge CUV in late 2006 (see today's post), while GM will double its crossover portfolio in the next four years.

There seems little doubt that CUVs are cannibalizing SUV sales. Ford says the vehicle most often traded in for its Freestyle CUV (pictured) is its own Exporer SUV.

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