Today's Autoblog Gift Guide is meant as a resource of gifts to get for yourself in advance of the holiday that will serve you well as you head into the ever-important season of Holiday Partying. We feature tools that will help you get there and keep you comfortable, entertained and safe on the way.

You?ve been invited to a party way across town in an area you?ve never been before. You get lost on the way, reach to program the navigation system? and remember abruptly that you?re in your wife/husband?s car, which lacks the device. Instead of keeping the GPS all to yourself, however, what you could have done is bought a portable navigation system like the Go 300 Portable GPS. It attaches to the windshield and is quickly removed for easy transfer between vehicles. It?s tons more affordable than the manufacturer navigation systems at only $559.96 on sale.

radar detectorOr, maybe you know exactly where you?re going, but you?ve moved beyond ?fashionably late? and are now bordering on just plain rude. Get there fast ? with a good shot at avoiding a ticket ? with the help of ?the world?s best radar detector,? the Escort Passport 8500 X50. It detects the newest radar technology and is lauded for its ease of use, making it your, uh, ticket to fast driving.

ionic breezeSay you?re a non-smoker, but unfortunately for you, you?ve offered to drive three-pack-a-day Great Auntie Edna to your mom?s house to enjoy the festivities. Your car is going to smell like her and her nicotine problem for weeks, right? Wrong. The Ionic Breeze is available as a car air purifier, helping to clear your car?s air of the nasty smoke, along with smog, exhaust, pollen and dust.

alcohawkSo you downed a few eggnogs, partook in the holiday punch and had a nightcap ? are you safe to drive home? The Alcohawk ABI Professional Grade BAC Breath Screener is billed as the tool to help you decide. Sold through Sharper Image, the Breath Screener is the only FDA, DOT and NHTSA approved tester of blood alcohol content available on the market today. The product runs on a 9V battery or plugs into a cigarette lighter in your car, which seems like a logical place to keep the device.

Happy partying and safe travels!

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