For those that have been victim of a recovery-induced traffic tie-up, the new Side-Loading Vehicle Retriever should be a welcome sight in urban areas.

Developed by Oshkosh subsidiary JerrDan, this tow truck operates by pulling up alongside the disabled vehicle, and plucking it off the ground and out of its parking spot using a pair of extension arms that lock around the vehicle's tires. The whole operation is said to take only 45 seconds and is controlled from inside the cab, which I'm sure will make this very popular with tow-truck drivers who are fed-up with nearly getting run over while trying to do their jobs. I think that this vehicle will also be quite popular with those charged with parking enforcement, and the vehicle probably offers a competitive advantage to businessmen in the "illegitimate used-parts" segment as well.

[Source: Oshkosh Truck]

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