In a major blow to the rival Grand Prix Manufacturers Association, WilliamsF1 announced today that they will sign up for an extension of Formula One Management's "Concorde Agreement" from 2008-2012.
Williams join Ferrari, MF1 (Midland), Red Bull and Toro Rosso in siding with Ecclestone's FOM and the FIA against McLaren-Mercedes, BMW, Renault, Honda and Toyota.

Apparently, WilliamsF1 are satisfied that FOM's latest offer of a more equitable commercial agreement to distribute Formula 1 revenues is reasonable. According to, the offer is rumored to allocate 60 percent of all revenues to the teams, and remains open for the GPMA teams.

Given that the principal stimulus for talk of a breakaway series was perceived inequities in the distribution of revenue between F1's various stakeholders, it would appear that the GPMA has been rendered largely irrelevant.

Of course, there are remaining issues related to control and management of the sport, but it seems that a Formula 1 split is far less likely today than it was yesterday.

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