According to an article by MediaWeek, through the month of October automotive advertising in magazines remained flat at $1.8 billion and it's not expected to grow beyond that in 2006. Many herald the growth of digital media like yours truly as the future of advertising for automakers (Yay!!!) because it offers a more detailed and concrete return on investment. The article blames, who else, domestic manufacturers as putting the big squeeze on magazines, as their drop in ad buys has negated increased spending by some import brands. The incentive wars are also to blame, as these types of promotions rely more on local and regional advertising than national campaigns that appear in the pages of print mags.
While no figures are given on what amount of ad dollars have been spent on digital media in 2005, GM as one example doubled its online budget to $68 million this year. Sure, that's small potatoes compared to the $328 million it spent on print ads in 2004 and 2005, but it does mean more and more money is beginning to merge onto the information superhighway.

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