Remember the old steel pedal cars that dealerships used to sell in the 1960s for $25 as a promotion? I can't say I do, but I know some of you out there remember. The 1965 Ford Mustang Pedal car was so hot that it sold 93,000 units before Christmas, its very first year on the market. Most of these original pedal cars are gone with plastic replacing steel as the construction material of choice, but the 1965 Mustang has been reborn.
Turns out that makers of the little car sold the tooling to a Mexican company, and when that company closed in the early 1980s, the equipment sat in a warehouse for 20 years. Warehouse 36, makers of pedal cars and other toy vehicles, bought the equipment in 2004 and, after some safety modifications, the original steel 1965 Mustang is back in business. While not available for $25 (they'll go for about $250), this is the kind of heirloom toy car nuts dream to pass down the line.

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