It seems that, even with as many cars that are currently in the marketplace, there's still some familiar old names that are missing. Here's a wish list of cars that I'd like to see back in the marketplace; obviously, the Comments section would be a great place to drop your suggestions for resurrection.

Chevrolet Chevelle

We think we've got a new Camaro on the way (some day), but what about a bit larger vehicle for those that have grown out of the pony-car phase (or haven't yet grown back into it)? If GM can bring a Zeta-based RWD sedan to market in North America to compete with the 300C, I can't think of any better name for it. It's a better name than Caprice for a car in this size class, (that name is best reserved for vehicles at least one city block in length), and it'd give GM a chance to bring back a classic name without embarrassment. Extra bonus points would be given if there would be a wagon version.

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Toyota Supra


The LF-A is on its way to the market, but there?s still a lot of room downmarket for a Supra replacement. Toyota reliability and durability combined with forced induction proved to be a very formidable package. Maybe this time around, Toyota could offer a high-po hybrid drivetrain like that which was rumored for the LF-A. It?d give the company yet another chance to shake up the aftermarket (it?s my opinion that this car forced a lot of domestic guys to consider turbocharging as a viable means of dramatically increasing performance).

Mitsubishi Starion

Mitsubishi Starion 425

The Lancer Evo is an awesome car, but clearly it isn?t enough to save the company, and I?m not seeing a whole lot of enthusiasm for the new Eclipse among speed junkies. Since RWD and pony cars are all the range, why not bring back the Starion? Offer up a small pressurized engine of some sort, drop it in a RWD chassis, wrap it in sexy bodywork, and offer it for $25K. That?d provide a useful alternative to a Mustang for those that just can?t wrap their heads around the idea of driving something with a big V8 and a solid rear axle.

Honda CRX

CRX ad 425

Yes, a new version is rumored to be on the way - but we haven?t seen one yet. The CRX, to me, is the epitome of ?Honda-ness? - lightweight, efficient, entertaining, well-engineered. What I?d really like here is for Honda to offer a lightweight hatchback in both Si and HF trim levels, mimicking the split personality of the previous CRX. Both models were impressively focused on their respective tasks, with the Si bringing a previously unknown level of suspension sophistication to the hot-hatch segment, and the HF showing a take-no-prisoners approach to fuel economy before ?hybrid? referred to something other than seeds.

Merkur XR4Ti

Merkur XR4Ti 425

OK, I?m kidding with this one. Sort of. Frankly, if Ford would bring its Australian-market Falcon (especially the F6 Tornado) into the US, I?d be willing to see it sold under just about any name - even if it meant bringing back one of the oddest marketing strategies in recent automotive history.

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