To follow up on Eric's post, I really don't think an outdoor exhibit is such a bad idea. For those of you who live near Detroit or pay any kind of close attention to the North American International Auto Show, you may be aware of a recurring problem for auto manufacturers who exhibit there: space. Cobo Hall, home of NAIAS in Detroit, desperately needs to expand. Without getting into the political and fiscal intricacies explaining why this is, I'll just leave it at that — Cobo is too small, and Jeep is smart to find a way to have a bigger and more impressive presence.

The two-door Wrangler has been redesigned for the 2007 model year, meaning that it will be a draw for both journalists and the general public. It will also be a first crack at the Compass for many. These are vehicles for which people will brave the cold. Additionally, the folks at Mars aren't dumb. Particularly for journalists, there will be ways to keep warm, probably including tents with massive heaters. While Eric is inside fighting through the crowds, you'll find me sitting in the new Compass.

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