The Mercury News published a very interesting article on the auto industry Friday - excerpts from a speech by Dave Power (the "Power" in J.D. Power and Associates), in which he speculates on the ability of auto companies to adapt to "major changes" in the next five years.
In a refreshing change from the drumbeat of doom about GM and Ford, Power (pictured at right) talked about the market and technology forces affecting every automaker. He even worries that Toyota, the industry analysts' golden boy, is showing early signs of the same management ego-trip that got GM and Ford in trouble.

He believes that the accelerating accessibility of information at all levels of the car buying and manufacturing value chain will radically transform the auto industry, like it or not. Companies that adapt to the changes will succeed (or survive), but he worries that old-line senior management - in some companies and unions - are resisting the changes. It's going to be quite a ride.

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