If you're looking to pass along your passion for autos to the kiddies, then we've got some ideas for you. Forget the Barbie Corvette and Hot Wheels coloring books, we're talking toys for real car nut kids. If you don't have kids, well, consider this my TGIF post and browse for the toys you'd like to put on your own holiday wish list.

Battery Powered Mini Convertible
Sized just right for wee ones, your son or daughter will make the other kids green with envy as they gaze from their ubiquitous battery powered Jeeps and antiquated Big Wheels at the yellow marvel sporting white bonnet stripes (not pictured) and a top speed of 4 km/h.

Serving perfectly as the mandatory ?educational? gift, Automoblox is a series of wooden vehicles with interchangeable parts, fostering problem-solving skills, promoting creativity and possibly putting some thoughts into your child?s mind about one day becoming an automotive designer. Autoblog Editor John Neff has already had the pleasure of tinkering with the toys and vouches for their fun factor.

Tonka Trucks
Nothing says "I love you" to a vehicle-loving youngster like a Tonka truck. Where once the timeless trucks were garish yellow metal death traps (your little brother never really recovered from your Tonka-assisted experimentation with the laws of physics, admit it), Tonka has kept up with the times and now offers very cool (and safer) vehicles like the HUMMER SUT, Douser the Talking Fire Truck and more.

Jada Toys
For the child who can?t get enough spinners and ground effects, Jada Toys offers DUB-licensed die cast models and kits of heavily modified cars like the 300C, Magnum, HUMMER, Range Rover, and various Mercedes AMG models, among others. Check out the Chub City line ? they should definitely get together with the brains behind the baby cars we highlighted a few months back.

Hot Wheels shoes by Adidas
Accessory-conscious folks know you have to match your purse to your shoes, so it will probably be a huge relief to accessory-conscious car nut kids that you can now match your car to your shoes. Adidas has new Hot Wheels shoes, with tire-inspired treads and flames that match the car you receive as a bonus. Now all they need are those little roller skate inserts that some kids have these days, and they?ll be all set.

Jim Russell Racing Schools
For the hardcore racing fan, a trip to Jim Russell Racing Schools is better than any trip to Disneyland, ever. Jim Russell Racing Schools offers cadet carting courses for kids 8-12 in a scaled-down car with a restricted 85cc-powered Puma engine and a top speed of 40 mph. These aren?t the carnival?s go-karts.

Happy shopping!

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