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Ford Europe officially unveiled the all-new Focus RS WRC competition version today at the Bologna Motor Show. The car is being displayed in the official team colors that will be used for the car's competition debut at the Monte Carlo Rally in January.

The WRC car is a competition version of the new Ford Focus ST. The car was designed and built in less than 12 months, under the guidance of TeamRS Technical Director Christian Loriaux (pictured above alongside his pride and joy).

WRC is Ford Europe's primary motorsports activity, and represents the beginning of a four-year commitment to the WRC, which is introducing a new cost-cutting rules package for the 2006 season. With drivers Marcus Gronholm and Mikko Hirvonen, the BP-Ford team is hopeful of logging rally wins in 2006, and possibly a championship as soon as 2007.

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[Source: Ford]

Ford Focus 2006 WRC 450 pr photo
Ford Focus 2006 WRC 450 pr photo
Ford Focus 2006 WRC 450 pr photo

Engine:  Ford 2.0-litre Pipo built I4 Duratec WRC engine. Four cylinders, 16 valves, two litres. Pi electronic engine management system. Garrett turbocharger (with FIA required 34 mm inlet restrictor). Air intercooler. Catalytic converter.
Power:  300 bhp at 6000 rpm  

Torque:  550 Nm at 4000 rpm  

Transmission:  Permanent four-wheel drive with M-Sport designed active, centre differential. Pi electronic differential control units. M-Sport / Ricardo five speed sequential gearbox with electro-hydraulically controlled shift. M-Sport / Sachs multi disc carbon clutch.  

Suspension:  Front and rear: MacPherson struts (front) and Trailing-Arm (rear) with Reiger external reservoir dampers, adjustable in bump and rebound. Fully adjustable fabricated steel links. Front and rear anti-roll bars. Cast steel uprights. Ceramic wheel bearings.  

Brakes:  Gravel (front and rear): 300mm Brembo ventilated discs with Brembo four piston monoblock calipers.  
Asphalt (front and rear): 370mm Brembo ventilated discs with Brembo eight-piston monoblock calipers.  
Hydraulic handbrake; Adjustable front / rear bias.
Steering:  Power-assisted high-ratio (12:1) rack and pinion. One and a half turns lock to lock.
Wheels:  Gravel: 7in x 15in (magnesium) wheels with BF Goodrich 650mm tyres.
Asphalt: 8in x 18in (magnesium) wheels with BF Goodrich 650mm tyres.  

Bodyshell:  Unitary construction. Unique composite side panels. Welded T45 steel safety roll cage. Aerodynamic rear wing. Unique front ?bumper? treatment.  

Electronics:  Full Pi chassis and engine data acquisition for on-event diagnostics and performance development.  

Fuel tank:  FIA FT3 tank, 94 litre capacity, located centrally.  

Dimensions:  Length: 4362mm. Width: 1800mm. Wheelbase: 2640mm. Weight: 1230kg minimum.

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