Reuters reports that General Motors, Ford and DamilerChrysler's Chrysler Group sales were all down year-over-year in November: GM 11 percent, Ford 18 percent, and Chrysler Group 7 percent. Full-size SUVs were a disaster area, with sales of Ford's Expedition down 44 percent and the smaller Explorer down 52 percent.
Meanwhile, Toyota was up 5.6 percent and Nissan down 7.8 percent. Asian brands overall scored a record 40 percent market share. BMW sales were up 11 percent for the month. In the money-is-(almost)-no-object segment, Maserati predicts 2005 sales will be up 24 percent, while Ferrari is on track to sell more than 5,000 units - an all-time record. Porsche sales were up 10 percent for the month. Mercedes sales were flat for the month, but on track for record 2005 total sales.

Perhaps the most interesting news was GM's forecast - the automaker raised its 2006 first quarter production forecast 6 percent, to 1.25 million units, on top of fourth quarter 2005 production of 1.28 million. Ford on the other hand cut its fourth quarter production 20,000 units, to 790,000, and forecast first quarter production of 885,000 (vs. 908,000 in Q1 2005).

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