In the wake of both GM and Ford admitting publicly that they've dug themselves into a hole on their home turf, the spotlight has been turned upon the upper echelon of each company's executive branch and the decisions that have been made by the people in charge. All eyes are on Rick Wagoner and Bill Ford right now and the future success or failure of each company will be largely attributed to their leadership throughout each company's turnaround period.
This got us to thinking about who our favorite auto execs are of all time. Some are obvious and some not so. We tried to answer the question of who were the most innovative and influential execs of all time. See if you agree.

5. Preston Tucker
- Brief but bright
4. Enzo Ferrari
- Defines passion
3. Carlos Ghosn
- Has the hot hand
2. Lee Iacocca
- Mustang and Minivan
1. Henry Ford
- The Godfather

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