I love the 350Z as much as the next girl. The exterior styling, horsepower and handling make it one fabulous ride for the money. Things just got better — rumors are circulating again that Nissan is planning on dropping the 4.5L V8 that powers the Infiniti M45 and FX45, among others, into the vehicle, for a total of 400 horsepower. That seems like an awful lot of power for a car that is already pretty pumped, so word is that a quattro-like drivetrain will be installed to put power to all four wheels. Now, the 350Z is already a chunky monkey with a V6 and simple RWD chassis. We wonder how feasible this scenario actually is considering the extra weight that would be involved.
If Nissan can trim the fat of the 350Z, could it be the Porsche-fighter the company is hoping for?

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