Details about Garage Italia's new 'Meta' micro-car are very sketchy, but Italiaspeed does have an English translation of the new company's pre-show press release.
The very small car has something for everyone, with five different option packages: Basic, Safari, Sport, Top (removable sun-roof and side windows) and Electric. The car will be motivated by a 505 cc gas, 505 cc diesel, or 15 kW electric powerplants. The diesel version is said to get well over 60 mpg. Performance is obviously secondary to fuel economy and packaging, with the most powerful version offering a top speed of only 52 mph. The car appears to have a continuously variable transmission.

Like the Smart, the Meta uses an integral roll cage structure as self-defense against larger vehicles and immovable objects.

The Meta will be available in February 2006. We'll have more info as it becomes available.

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