Just as in the Dec. '05 print edition of Car And Driver, Autoweek pits the Pontiac Solstice against the Mazda MX-5 and finds that, to no one's surprise, they're damn close. Despite the fact that the Solstice carries 16% more weight with only 4% more peak power, it keeps up with the MX-5 in acceleration testing, which shows just how meaningful peak power numbers are (like, as in "not as important as everyone would like to think"). Advantage: displacement. Once again, we hear that the Solstice perhaps is biased more towards understeer, where as the MX-5 takes a neutral stance on which end should lose grip first and lets the driver decide. Advantage: 15 years of experience in tuning tiny sports cars. The Miata's top is supposedly easier to operate and leaves more storage space when it's down, but that sort of thing should be pretty far down on someone's priority list if they're seriously considering either car. Autoweek ends up giving the nod to the Solstice, while C&D's numerical assessment gives a 1% margin of victory to the Mazda.

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